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What is the OFCERT® scheme?

OFCERT® is a voluntary scheme administered by OFTEC to licence and identify products that have been designed to comply with recognised performance standards (e.g. OFTEC Standards) and are manufactured under an approved quality management system, such as ISO 9001.

Who can obtain an OFCERT® licence and how much does it cost?

OFCERT® licences are administered to OFTEC members free of charge and are also available to non-OFTEC members on an annually renewed basis.

The non-OFTEC member cost for each licence, per annum, is as follows:

Product type

OFTEC Standard

(1 licence p/a)

Oil pressure atomising nozzles for use with Kerosene OFS E100 £200 + VAT
Capillary type remote acting fire and overheat valves for use with oil supply systems connected to fixed combustion appliances OFS E101 £200 + VAT
Gauges for use with domestic oil supply tanks OFS E103 £200 + VAT
Filters, strainers and water separation devices for use with liquid fuel supply systems OFS E104 £150 + VAT
Overfill alarms and overfill prevention devices for use with domestic oil supply tanks OFS E105 £150 + VAT
Polyethylene oil storage tanks and tank bunds for distillate fuels OFS T100 £545 + VAT
Steel oil storage tanks with and without secondary containments for use with distillate fuels, bio-fuels, lubrication oils and waste oils OFS T200 £2,200 + VAT
De-aerators – Minimum requirements and testing OPS 23 £200 + VAT

How do you obtain an OFCERT® licence? 

  • Typically, to obtain an OFCERT® licence, the manufacturer will need to: 
  • Design a product to comply with an OFTEC Standard 
  • Get it verified as meeting/surpassing the requirements of the OFTEC Standard by a third party 
  • Read and comply with the OFCERT scheme rules

Provide the following to OFTEC: 

  • A completed application form (found at the back the relevant OFTEC Standard) 
  • Evidence of third-party verification (e.g. a test house certificate and associated test report) 
  • A quality management certificate (UKAS, INAB or equivalent to ISO 9001). 
  • In the case of non-OFTEC members, submit payment to OFTEC for an annual licence. 
  • Await receipt of an OFCERT® certificate for the product in question. 

How do you obtain an OFTEC Standard? 

OFTEC Standards are available free of charge to OFTEC trade association members and can be downloaded from the members section of the website.

The standards cost £150 each to non-members (including VAT and P&P) but OFTEC registered technicians benefit from a 20% discount and are therefore charged £120 (including VAT and P&P) per standard. To order a copy, contact OFTEC Direct on 01473 626 298 option 2 

Where can you get a product tested? 

OFTEC currently has two ‘associate member’ test houses: 

For polyethylene fuel storage tanks: 

Impact Solutions 
16 Abbotsinch Road 
FK3 9UX 
Tel: +44 (0) 1324 489 182 
E-mail: info@impact-solutions.co.uk 

For liquid fuel-fired equipment/components: 

The Orchard Business Centre 
Stoke Orchard 
GL52 7RZ 
Tel: +44 (0) 1242 677 877 
E-mail: gastecenquiries@kiwa.co.uk 

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